Cockroach / General Pest Control : -
Getting rid of cockroaches — one of india’s most common home invaders — and preventing their return is easier than you think. All it takes is a combination of keeping your home clean and tidy and having the right products on hand to deal with those that will inevitably show up.

We shall be using ‘Anit-Coagulant’ baits & B.T.G. formula on our contract fortnightly / monthly visits are maintained for checking and replacing baits material. Needless to mention that rats and mices are standing danger to costly fabric, paper products, stored items, computer etc. because of their gnawing habit being prolific breeders they may pose a serious menace if suitable control measures are not taken timely.

Lizard Control : -
Many people are scared of lizards and even the sight of them leads to goose bumps. Putting an end to their fear, we provide the best Lizard Control Services. For providing the Lizard Control Service, we have a team of expert professionals which adopts eco-friendly methods for getting rid of the lizards without causing any damage to the materials around and affecting the human beings.

Termite Control : -
Termites commonly known as white-ants, Termites are social & soft body insects. They require high level of humidity and temperature. The most common types of termites that cause damage to man-made constructions are drywood and subterranean ones. Drywood termite infestation can be identified by their fecal pellets, which resemble sawdust.

Mosquitoes are major irritant in daily life this treatment will be done systematically in cesspit, drainage, channel, stagnate water collection septic tanks, water fall I lobby area and restaurant etc.

while there are many species of flis on record but particularly in your case we are mainly concerned with those belonging to family mucidae which are musca domestics, musca nibble and musca sorbens. These are responsible for transmitting various infectious diseases.

A wood borer pest which bore into the wood making tiny holes and in the process throws out fine yellowish powder. Treatment consists of injecting fumigant into these tiny holes and preventive spray. After the initial treatment time to time check ups are maintained. Under the one year guarantee period.

Under this service we will treat the carpets by our special chemical to kill the existing infestation and to make them resistant to carpet pests. While spraying, special attention will be given to the borders of the carpet. After the initial treatment we carry out per annual / half yearly basis check up & treat if necessary.

Disinfestations, rodent control, mosquito control, fly control. Frequency - Monthly.

This treatment I effective against cockroaches, silverfish, crickets and crawling insects, to facilitate effective treatment, kitchen, pantry, toilets, has to be completely out and premises to be kept at least for 2-3 hours after the treatment. For annual contract, we will carry out four through spray i.e. once a monthly basis.

Bed Bugs Control : -
Bed bugs are a major resurgence for any residential or commercial establishment. If it is not treated early it can get worse. Generally bed bugs hide in below the beds or in sofa sets or in the cushions of the chair.

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